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Join us in supporting the Endorse the Bonds Campaign to secure a brighter future for our schools and community.

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Make a meaningful impact by becoming a Campaign Volunteer and helping us drive positive change in our community.

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Become a Digital Ambassador and play a crucial role in spreading our message and mission online.

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Contribute to our campaign’s success by assisting in the coordination and execution of campaign events.

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Support our cause and make a donation to help fund our campaign’s initiatives and goals.

Work in your Precinct on Election Day

Get involved in the democratic process by volunteering to work in your precinct on Election Day, ensuring a smooth and fair voting experience for your community.

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Voter Information

October 13th: Deadline to register to vote

October 19th: In-person Early Voting begins

October 31st: Last day to request Absentee By-Mail ballots

November 4th: Last day of in-person Early Voting.

November 7th: Election Day

November 7th: Last day to return Absentee By-Mail ballots

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